With Fenton’s powerful Trilifters, limited space doesn’t constrain heavy equipment moving and installation plans. Configured as mobile gantries or forklifts, the Trilifter unlocks new possibilities for maneuvering oversized loads into even the tightest areas. As Cincinnati’s only provider of these highly specialized lift machines, we offer an unrivaled ability to meet your job’s unique demands.


Streamline your heavy machinery moves with unmatched efficiency and safety with Fenton. The Traksporter–a remote-controlled, self-propelled crawler system–allows us to precisely position your largest equipment through even the tightest spaces.

St. Elizabeth Project

Our team assembled the perfect one-two equipment punch for this challenging job: a 130-ton crane providing the heavy muscle to lift and place the massive new boiler units, complemented by the compact yet mighty Traksporter crawler system to navigate tight spaces and relocate components. But machine prowess was only one aspect of ensuring success.


Central to our offerings is the cutting-edge Rotalign laser alignment systems. Combining these powerful tools, \ with our team’s expertise enables micrometer-level precision alignments that maximize the efficiency and longevity of your facility’s mission-critical machinery.

130-Ton Crane

When your project demands heavy muscle combined with surgical precision, Fenton’s mighty 130-ton crane. Sporting an impressive 170′ main boom, this engineering marvel is designed for peak performance, utilizing a lightweight yet strong boom construction that maximizes lifting capacities.