130-Ton Crane

Raise the bar on your next heavy lift with Fenton's formidable 130-ton crane.

When your project demands heavy muscle combined with surgical precision, Fenton's mighty 130-ton crane. Sporting an impressive 170' main boom, this engineering marvel is designed for peak performance, utilizing a lightweight yet strong boom construction that maximizes lifting capacities.

But superior hardware is only half the equation.

Fenton's mastery lies in a team of certified union crane operators who apply skill and care on every lift.

Combined with our comprehensive rigging services and a century of experience on industrial job sites, this powerful crane is a cornerstone of Fenton's expanding equipment fleet. We have the expertise to navigate even the tightest spaces, transporting the crane seamlessly through the streets of Cincinnati until it's perfectly positioned on your worksite.

Whether constructing a new facility or overhauling existing operations, trust Fenton's 130-ton crane to elevate your next big project.

Safely, On Time, and On Budget
No matter the size or complexity of the job, safety is our highest priority.

Open Communication.

As your trusted partner, we maintain open and clear communication for the duration of the job, whether they last a morning or multiple days. From the initial call to the final inspection, we keep you informed and involved.