St. Elizabeth Project

When St. Elizabeth Hospital needed to replace its original, aging boiler system, they turned to the equipment experts at Fenton

Replacing the outdated, original boiler system at St. Elizabeth Hospital was no simple task. It required surgical preparation, powerful equipment, and creative problem-solving.

Our team assembled the perfect one-two equipment punch for this challenging job: a 130-ton crane providing the heavy muscle to lift and place the massive new boiler units, complemented by the compact yet mighty Traksporter crawler system to navigate tight spaces and relocate components. But machine prowess was only one aspect of ensuring success.

With extremely limited staging space available at the sloped site, careful logistical planning and measurement were critical. Our engineers calculated every detail, coordinating storage of the new boilers at our warehouse before an intricate, scheduled delivery sequence. This approach enabled our adherence to the hospital's timeline with no facility disruptions. From site consulting to efficient equipment deployment, Fenton has the comprehensive resources to replace vital infrastructure reliably and safely.

Safely, On Time, and On Budget
No matter the size or complexity of the job, safety is our highest priority.

Open Communication.

As your trusted partner, we maintain open and clear communication for the duration of the job, whether they last a morning or multiple days. From the initial call to the final inspection, we keep you informed and involved.