Sunday Creek Bridge Replacement

  • Location: Trimble, OH
  • Owner: Norfolk Southern
  • Fenton Project Manager: Tommy Wallace
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: Phil Colley

Fenton was contracted by Norfolk Southern Railway to do a complete bridge replacement of a multi-span structure over a tributary known as Sunday Creek in Southeastern Ohio. Along with completely replacing the bridge from the foundation sub-structure to the super-structure, Fenton completed the project no interruption in rail traffic and the existing bridge remained in complete operation throughout the entire construction process.

The rail line to which this structure served was heavily used for essential goods and earthly minerals that serve all of Appalachia and its surrounding areas. The new structure consisted of 12 precast box girders with the heaviest weighing in at over 80,000lbs. It also included 4 drilled caissons to depths 60’ below existing grade, and over 1000 linear feet of driven round pile to serve as the structures multiple bridge piers. The bridge span itself consisted of two 200,000 pound girders that were lifted in tandem with two 100 ton cranes. The girders and other steel members were built next to the existing structure on temporary false work and rolled in with specialized “push-pull” hydraulic gantries which replaced the old span in 48 hours. This job was unique in that its foundation combined two different elements: that of driven pile and drilled caissons filled with over 250,000 pounds of concrete and rebar. Due to the specialized skills of our foreman and crew, this project was a great success because of their ability to adapt and learn many disciplines required to meet the needs of our customer.

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“I would like to extend our thanks and congratulations for a job well done. We witnessed a team of people who had planned out every detail in advance. Each contractor worked in concert with one another – knowing their duties and executing them with perfection. Safety was the number one priority. Please extend our appreciation to your workers. We are truly grateful for the hours of planning and coordination that went into this effort and the execution that made this such a great success.” - R. Bradley Motz, PE, NCEES