Rotary Car Dumper

  • Location: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Owner: Norfolk Southern
  • Fenton Project Manager: Garry Miller
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: John Wurlzabacher

Many of Fenton's customers are the leaders in their industry and our job is to make sure their operations are running at top speed and they stay at the top of their game. Fenton was contracted by Norfolk Southern to complete a major upgrade to its Lamberts Point export coal facility in Norfolk, Virginia. The project was crucial in maintaining their facility as the largest and fastest coal transload facility in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fenton’s scope of work was to completely overhaul their coal dumper system over two separate 90-day periods. The dumper system consists of two pairs of dumpers, each pair handling two coal cars at a time, which rotate the cars 135 degrees and dump their contents into a conveyor system that transports the coal to the pier. The upgrade consisted of replacing the structural steel that supports the dumpers and the hopper bins that funnel the coal onto the conveyor belts. The dumpers, at 500,000 pounds each, were lifted by cranes and placed on the ground, so as the steel upgrades could take place. Concurrently with the dumper overhaul, both loaders received complete electrical overhauls, including replacement of the main generator sets with solid-state drives and new power transformers and control and monitoring systems.


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The guys were amazing to work with on Thursday moving the Lion and other artifacts. Brian is a great problem solver, extremely professional and an overall delight to work with. Thank you for the amazing work Fenton has done to help us tackle the toughest projects. It really helps to put my mind at ease knowing we can count on you! - Kim Flora, Cincinnati Art Museum