Hocking Valley Railroad Bridge Upgrades

  • Location: Nelsonville, OH
  • Owner: Hocking Valley Railroad
  • Fenton Project Manager: Bill Blevins
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: Tom Blevins

Hocking Valley Railroad is a non-profit short line scenic railroad located in historic Nelsonville, OH. We were contacted by volunteers for the railroad to upgrade two different bridges so that they can safely operate and provide a fun family oriented rail adventure through the country side of south east Ohio. The project consisted of rip rap and scour protection, new concrete walls to protect existing piers, channel widening and bridge bearing re-builds spread across two different locations.

The Hocking Valley Railroad had been around for hundreds of years before it was designated a scenic railroad and no longer used for material and freight transport; which is why some upgrades were needed. At the first location, Fenton designed the required fixes to satisfy that of a licensed railroad bridge inspector which included adding rip rap to piers and abutments to protect from further scour damage and pouring more than 60 cubic yards of concrete at the base of an abutment to shore up and protect it from further wear and tear. At the second location over an unnamed tributary out of Nelsonville, Fenton crews worked to replace a seized bridge bearing by use of high strength concrete and Teflon mason plates, as well as protect against scour damage by use of rip rap and concrete similar to the first location. Over the years, the tributary had begun eating into the bank near one of the bridge abutments which was eroding away and encroaching on the rail line. Fenton also dumped numerous loads of rip rap at this river bend to ensure that no more water damage occurs. This project was done without any disruption of rail traffic, and the volunteers of Hocking Valley Railroad were pleased by the quality, professionalism, and dedication to providing safe and aesthetically pleasing bridge upgrades to which Fenton provided.

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The guys were amazing to work with on Thursday moving the Lion and other artifacts. Brian is a great problem solver, extremely professional and an overall delight to work with. Thank you for the amazing work Fenton has done to help us tackle the toughest projects. It really helps to put my mind at ease knowing we can count on you! - Kim Flora, Cincinnati Art Museum