Eastern Carolina Business Unit Culvert Replacements

  • Location: Kinston, NC
  • Owner: Norfolk Southern
  • Fenton Project Manager: Bryan Erickson
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: Phil Colley

It was literally man against nature when Fenton took on the Eastern Carolina Business Unit Culvert Replacement project. Fenton was contracted by Norfolk Southern Railway to replace damaged and out of date existing culverts in flood plain areas in eastern North Carolina. While the rail in which this work was completed did not see heavy traffic, it lay in high flood areas which caused severe damage to the rail itself due to no-longer-functioning culvert pipes essential to proper drainage of the surrounding areas.

The job consisted of excavating a 20’ deep cut below the rail with two 35,000 pound excavators, removing three failing culvert pipes and replacing with ten 12’x9’ precast box culvert sections each weight 43,200pounds. All of this work was completed in an active drainage tributary that provided a work environment to which our crew accomplished this task in 5+ feet high water! With the tight work environment due to water, trees, and a state highway 60’ from the work location, Fenton closed down one lane of traffic, used a 275ton crane to pick the precast into place, and completed all this work and the road re-opened in 48 hours. Fenton’s crew worked through all the elements and adversity, and persisted on finishing the job on time with the best quality possible due to their drive, determination, and commitment to success.

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The guys were amazing to work with on Thursday moving the Lion and other artifacts. Brian is a great problem solver, extremely professional and an overall delight to work with. Thank you for the amazing work Fenton has done to help us tackle the toughest projects. It really helps to put my mind at ease knowing we can count on you! - Kim Flora, Cincinnati Art Museum