Cupola Removal

  • Location: 338 East 17th Street, Covington, KY
  • Owner: St. Benedict Church
  • Fenton Project Manager: Chris Besl
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: Brian Fowee

St. Benedict Catholic Church was tragically hit by a fire that destroyed the cupola on top of the 85' bell tower. Fenton was hired to rig the Cupola down and transport it to be refurbished. End result was a beautiful restoration that remained true to the original architecture.

Cupola Lift (1) Cupola Lift (2) Cupola Lift (3) Cupola Lift (4) Cupola Lift (5)
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“I would like to extend our thanks and congratulations for a job well done. We witnessed a team of people who had planned out every detail in advance. Each contractor worked in concert with one another – knowing their duties and executing them with perfection. Safety was the number one priority. Please extend our appreciation to your workers. We are truly grateful for the hours of planning and coordination that went into this effort and the execution that made this such a great success.” - R. Bradley Motz, PE, NCEES