250 Ton Minster Press Installation

  • Location: Norwood, Ohio
  • Owner: Siemens Industry Inc.
  • Fenton Project Manager: Chris Besl
  • Fenton Project Superintendent: Brian Fowee

Throughout our history, Fenton has been contracted to move some of the world’s heaviest objects. This includes the 250-ton Minster Press contracted by the Siemens Industry. For this project, there was limited access to stand the press, so with Fenton Rigging’s 200-ton hydraulic gantry it was unloaded off an oversized truck and stood up. Once the press was stood it was skated into place were Fenton used precision levels to set it.

Siemens Press
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The guys were amazing to work with on Thursday moving the Lion and other artifacts. Brian is a great problem solver, extremely professional and an overall delight to work with. Thank you for the amazing work Fenton has done to help us tackle the toughest projects. It really helps to put my mind at ease knowing we can count on you! - Kim Flora, Cincinnati Art Museum