Bridge Exchange

Fenton performed a 24-hour bridge exchange for a Class I Railroad.  The total weight of the old bridge was nearly 300 tons.  Fenton utilized two 550-ton hydraulic cranes with mega wings in order to maximize time and create efficiency for the railroad.  In addition, Fenton replaced the old backwalls with new precast concrete.  To complete the project, Fenton assembled and slid into place the new 450 ton bridge to accommodate the newer, heavier requirements of the railroad.

Case Line Machining Office Building Relocation

Reinforced structure, jacked unit up, inserted skates underneath frame and pushed 14 bays to new location.  Set in place, removed all bracing and installed new trim and painted.  This was one of two building moves.  Customer saved 150K dollars with this plan Fenton had designed.  This task was nominated for an award and has since been replicated at other facilities.

Coolant Tank Exchange

Coolant Tank Exchange Job. Rig out old tank, rig and set new one. 50/70K Heavy Forklift, 40/60K Heavy Forklift, Traksporter. 

Helicopter Lift Downtown Cincinnati

Helicopter Lift Structural Steel

Marley Cooling Tower

Test Stand