Many, many thanks again, Devin, from now-recovering Hillary and her parents, Pat and Penny

September 27, 2017

The Fenton team might be honored and known as the best in rigging and contracting, but please know that one Fenton employee, Devin Browning, working on the preparation for the moving of our Williams' neighbor's Chapel to Xavier University, is an extraordinary employee who is the best in emergency medical care. Devin deserves a picture on your website as an extremely valuable employee describing his role in your company. Thanks to Mr. Purdy with whom I spoke this afternoon at the chapel site, I was able to obtain Devin's full name and affiliation! Also, he needs a promotion and recognition for his willingness to want to become involved to help a fellow citizen with an emergency accident (in our family, of great proportions) that, perhaps to him, is just another day in the application of his safety skills and emergency first aid.    

Our adult daughter, Hillary, on Monday afternoon found that she was injured so severely as to necessitate a life squad transportation to Mercy Hospital's emergency room. Mr. Devin Browning was leaving the work on Ayers Rd. to meet his boss on another site from the Williams Chapel on Ayers Rd. when, having stopped at the stop sign across from our home, when having been very aware, zeroed in on the silent, waving plight of our adult daughter from our driveway to obtain help as she could not yell from slipping on our brick steps and smashing her face into a landscape boulder. 

As I understand it, she calmly tried to flag down anyone who would call 911 as she knew she was in need of emergency hospital care. Mr. Browning did not pass her up as did others who stopped at an adjacent stop sign, waved back at her urgent wave to them for help, but then passed on! Your employee's awareness and quick thinking to want to become involved was her EM miracle of assistance. Devin orchestrated many communications: First, his thoughtful demeanor in contacting his Fenton boss to tell of the reason for his temporary detainment from a meeting while keeping our daughter calm and supported upright with blood flowing from her two nostrils; next, informing her of Anderson life squad's imminent arrival to enable her to be helped and to remain calm; and finally, within seconds, calling her father (we were fortunately just across the street) to inform us of her accident in our driveway, was one of a series of miraculous communications within seconds only attainable by a person like Devin Browning, who takes charge, orchestrates, while he delivers emergency medical assistance to a citizen in peril. Know Fenton has an excellent employee—very impressive!

The Mercy ER doctor and male nurse were very cautious of a hopeful outcome even after examining her before CAT scans of her head and of her cervical spine were taken (now an Ohio protocol due to an Ohio lady being sent home from an ER with a face injury who died at home because her cervical vertebrae were fractured and were not noticed).

Please inform Devin Browning of our deep appreciation for his involvement. Next, inform him that she has a clean break of the bone on the left side of her nose, no teeth involved, no cervical spine involvement, or other fractures but could have a concussion. She is so lucky to have received a Fenton employee's comfort and EM care! She has her ice application at least four times a day. As a follow-up, she will visit an ENT doctor when all swelling has subsided.      

I remain sincerely, Penelope Thompson (Mrs. W. Patrick), her mother, joined by Pat Thompson, her father and my husband.     

PS: And, we look forward to the chapel's November passing of our home thanks to Fenton preparing for its move to its new, permanent Xavier University home!      

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"We appreciate the commitment to excellence and safety you have shown while in our service." - OP Collins and GA Davis, Norfolk Southern Corporation