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  • Many, many thanks again, Devin, from now-recovering Hillary and her parents, Pat and Penny
    The Fenton team might be honored and known as the best in rigging and contracting, but please know that one Fenton employee, Devin Browning, working on the preparation for the moving of our Williams' neighbor's Chapel to Xavier University, is an extraordinary employee who is the best in emergency medical care. Devin deserves a picture on your website as an extremely valuable employee describing his role in your company. Thanks to Mr. Purdy with whom I spoke this afternoon at the chapel site, I was able to obtain Devin's full name and affiliation! Also, he needs a promotion and recognition for his willingness to want to become involved to help a fellow citizen with an emergency accident (in our family, of great proportions) that, perhaps to him, is just another day in the application of his safety skills and emergency first aid.
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  • Fenton lays groundwork for environmentally friendly buses
    Fenton did its part to support clean fuel at the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority headquarters last August, as we installed a 9,000-gallon liquid hydrogen tank for use in buses.
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  • 45,000-lb. flood gate no match for Fenton cranes
    It was a massive operation: A 24-foot-tall, 16-foot-wide flood gate. A crane with a 200-foot arm. A miniscule margin of error. All to protect 70,000 homes and 6,000 businesses.
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  • MLK Jr. monument finds temporary home with Fenton
    In May, 2016, Fenton was called upon to take on a new role: caretaker. As part of our work on the new interchange to I-71 at the corner of Reading Road and Martin Luther King Drive in Cincinnati, a monument to Dr. King had to be removed.
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  • Fenton Rigging Faces Down a 1,700-lb. Lion
    Fenton Rigging was proud to partner once again with the Cincinnati Art Museum conservation and installation departments. This time, we were entrusted with moving the Lion Funerary Monument—a 1,700-lb. statue created around 350 BC—to its new position in the renovated Antiquities Gallery.
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  • Safe Contractor of the Month!
    Fenton is the first recipient to be awarded Safe Contractor of the Month for the Cincinnati Streetcar Project.
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  • Rotary Car Dumper
    Rotary Car Dumper
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  • Fenton Congratulates Richard Kohls
    Everyone at Fenton congratulates Richard Kohls for his 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award given by The Spirit of Construction Foundation. Recently retired from Fenton, Dick had served as Controller then Vice President-Finance for the past 30 years. Dick served on numerous boards and committees locally and nationally which served the greater needs of the construction industry.
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"We appreciate the commitment to excellence and safety you have shown while in our service." - OP Collins and GA Davis, Norfolk Southern Corporation