Equipment Moving & Alignment

Machines where and how you want them.

Safely Move Heavy Machinery with Ease
For generations, manufacturers have relied on Fenton to move, reset, and align their heavy equipment. By employing a full range of machinery-moving equipment–from dollies and gantries to traksporters and tri-lifters–we ensure that your machines are treated carefully and moved safely.
A Flexible Team for Rigid Requirements
The entire Fenton crew works for your success.
are all available to get the whole job done, 
from relocation and transport to installation and setting.
When 1/1,000 of an Inch Matters

Our advanced laser and optical systems help you achieve optimal alignment on any type of industrial equipment. Fenton millwrights have the skills to keep your machinery and systems running smoothly, from giant turbines to simple motor assembly to printing presses the size of a football field.

With little room for error, there’s no substitute for experience.

Equipment Setting & Alignment

Our crew members use the latest technology to precisely align your equipment. Accuracy down to the smallest fractions matters when we set your machines so they run smoothly and you avoid downtime and production losses. Our experienced craft technicians have worked in a variety of industries unloading, assembling, and aligning machinery.
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper
Metal Processing
Steel Mill
Safely, On Time, and On Budget
No matter the size or complexity of the job, safety is our highest priority.

Open Communication.

As your trusted partner, we maintain open and clear communication for the duration of the job, whether they last a morning or multiple days. From the initial call to the final inspection, we keep you informed and involved.