Customized, state-of-the-art tank refurbishing only from Fenton

Three dedicated refurbishing facilities

It started with a customer request to restore weathered, aging bulk-storage tanks for specialized gases. Today, Fenton offers complete tank refurbishing services—from sandblasting and painting to retrofitting. We handle a steady stream of decommissioned tanks, refurbishing them to the strict specifications and requirements of our customers:

  • We maintain two 2,000 square-foot environmentally controlled and EPA- approved facilities, both configured to accommodate large objects such as bulk storage tanks and the flatbed trailer needed to haul them.
  • One building houses a complete sandblasting operation, the other a paint booth with high-heat capability for improved paint adhesion.
  • In addition to these two buildings, Fenton has recently erected a new 7500 square-foot tank-rehab facility.

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“I would like to extend our thanks and congratulations for a job well done. We witnessed a team of people who had planned out every detail in advance. Each contractor worked in concert with one another – knowing their duties and executing them with perfection. Safety was the number one priority. Please extend our appreciation to your workers. We are truly grateful for the hours of planning and coordination that went into this effort and the execution that made this such a great success.” - R. Bradley Motz, PE, NCEES